Wand Education - CNIV 2021

The 19th edition of the National Conference on Virtual Education "Marin Vlada"  - Icvl Cniv - has ended.

This year's theme was “The current state of Romanian education. Without coherent strategies, with outdated attitudes and goals, versus good practices ”. A very sensitive topic, which was joined by teachers, students, decision makers in education, but also representatives of the private sector, companies that produce educational software.

Wand Education @ CNIV 2021

Among those who presented solutions was our colleague, Marius Prodana, one of the founders of Wand.education, an authoring tool platform for creating educational content for teachers, in which they generate digital, personalized, interactive lessons.


"We talked about the democratization of the realization of educational multimedia content, possible with the help of the platform Wand.education. The platform that SIMAVI provides to teachers is accessible and very intuitive. We talked, first of all, about the versatility of the platform in its use in various forms of teaching, from online teaching to classroom teaching. We consider this to be an essential feature for the adoption of digital tools in the teaching and learning process. We also explained how the platform puts access on reducing the effort that the teacher has to make in adopting the platform, through automation functions. Wand.education is one of the platforms that can have an important word to say in supporting online education, especially now ", said Marius Prodana, eLearning PM SIMAVI.

Starting November 25th, SIMAVI will resume the free webinar to present the platform for teachers.


"There were 20 exceptional, interactive lectures, a lot of knowledge and infinite empathy for the teaching staff. So much knowledge put in the service of education, the latest information technologies put to work for an evaluation of school progress as in 2021 and not as in the '80s, a real willingness to increase the quality of the Romanian education", commented Professor Radu Jugureanu, Team Leader ROSE Project and conference organizer.

The organizing committee was formed by Prof. Radu Jugureanu, Assoc. Dr. Olimpius Istrate, Phd. Prof. Univ. Dr. Grigore Albeanu, Phd. Prof. Univ. Dorin-Mircea Popovici.

The 19th edition of the National Conference on Virtual Education "Marin Vlada" took place on October 30, 2021, and the recording of online sessions can be watched on the pages Icvl Cniv and EduOnline.


The objectives of the annual CNIV event are:

  • Promoting and implementing innovative ideas in initial education and in continuous training, identifying the best theoretical landmarks, initiatives, projects and educational programs with an eLearning component;
  • Promoting and developing scientific research in the fields of eLearning, educational software and virtual reality by promoting collaborative spirit and team research, by attracting and including young people in research and development programs of education using digital technologies;
  • Creating the framework for the manifestation of the professional and management initiatives of the university and pre-university community in the direction of education and training innovation;
  • Enhancing the collaboration between pupils, students, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and IT specialists in the activities of conception, design, elaboration and testing of educational software applications;
  • Carrying out practical steps towards the collaboration with the profile companies for an adequate training of the human resources for the labor market.


The 18 CNIV volumes published so far amount to over 3000 papers by teachers and specialists in research and industry, in the field of eLearning and computer-assisted training.


Between 2003-2005, the National Conference on Virtual Education was organized at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. In the period 2006-2018, the National Conference on Virtual Education was an itinerant event, held in university centers in the country, with the support of prestigious educational institutions in Romania, in Constanța (2007, 2008), Iași (2009), Târgu-Mureș (2010), Cluj-Napoca (2011), Brașov (2012), Bucharest (2013 and 2014), Timișoara (2015), Craiova (2016), Sibiu (2017) and Alba-Iulia (2018), Satu-Mare (2019) ). Starting with 2020, the National Conference on Virtual Education takes place online.