Education for success online courses

EDUCare online courses talk about a new vision in education. As creators of premium educational content in European projects such as ISOLA, we are partners in the "Education for Success" mission. And not just for students, but for lifelong learning.

ISOLA is the project for professional training through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology for cruise ship crews. In this project, the SIMAVI team created an augmented reality application to assist the security officer on board the cruise ship. The Romanian software company will also deliver the mobile application that communicates to passengers in extreme situations what the safety plans are. Moreover, building on a vast experience of more than a decade of eLearning projects for the European Commission, SIMAVI will develop a virtual reality application for training crew members.

With all these smart solutions and technologies already at work in several European projects, we are convinced that online training, with modern equipment, is an effective way to increase the knowledge of civil society.

Therefore, we support the project "EDUCare Education for Success".

Education for health

Pass all the information coming from the public space through the filter of critical thinking, urges Dr. Mihai Craiu, doctor of medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" and founder of the Virtual Hospital for Children, a unique educational project online.

"Messages on Whatsapp or fb messenger with an imperative tone should raise a question mark," says Dr. Craiu in the online course "Education for health". The doctor advises us to look carefully at the avalanche of health information that we often find difficult to navigate. Let's reflect a little on this type of message, before we rush to share it or make changes in our treatment, prophylaxis or lifestyle based on such messages.

Find the whole course here:

Find the whole course here:

Attention deficit and learning

It is a problem that both children and adults face. Attention is a very complex cognitive process, with a slow evolution and maturation. Attention is closely related to cortical function, that part which, in turn, develops quite slowly (cortical function is mature after 24-25 years), explains Diana Stănculeanu, psychotherapist and national expert in mental health.

"Attention is influenced by the degree of interest in an activity. Other ingredients that seem to influence it are related to effort and pleasure. We will be much more focused in activities that bring us pleasure and relaxation, unlike new activities, which require effort and perseverance to be completed ", says the specialist, during the course "Attention Deficit and Learning".

Therefore, by exploiting technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the courses become spectacular, interesting, attractive, they become experience based, like an experiment or a game.

This is what we are trying to implement in the dozens of courses developed for professional training - such as the applications created for the ISOLA project. But also in the eLearning content created for virtual laboratories for pupils and students (for example, in the European project NEWTON).

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