The European research project BEACONING promotes contextual learning, which involves the student to find solutions to a problem, a game, a situation proposed by the teacher. This type of learning, very intuitive and modern, is done by exploiting the following techniques and technologies:

  • context-aware systems;
  • pedagogy-driven gamification.

The research and innovation project BEACONING (Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualized, Pervasive and Gameful Learning), funded by the European program Horizon 2020 was developed and implemented by a consortium of 15 partners, which also included the development team from SIMAVI.

"Grigore Moisil" High School in Bucharest, Romania, is one of the schools in which the BEACONING platform is used successfully.

In conjunction with 15 leading partners who each bring in their own expertise and technologies, both in games and education, the project sought to pilot innovation in a real operational environment, aligning with DMLL’s ethos in disruptive media and the impact on changing mind-sets and creating new models and practices of teaching and learning.

For BEACONING, the SIMAVI team developed and implemented a digital learning platform that blends physical and digital spaces.  It combines opportunities for new ICTs in multiple ways that merge learning acquired in formal, non-formal and informal means, developing the skills for today’s abled and disabled learners and workforce.

The purpose of BEACONING is to democratize education, because it has an impact on fit people, as well as on those with physical and mental disabilities, mild to moderate, young people aged between 15 and 24, in general and vocational training.

“The BEACONING project will exploit relevant techniques and technologies and innovate the way learning is facilitated. By using a gamified approach, we aim to inject the power of play that will encapsulate formal, informal, non-formal and social learning experiences within a contextualised narrative. This opens up opportunities for us to redefine and reconstruct learning in a hybrid learning space”, said the coordinator Dr. Sylvester Arnab, Reader in Games Science, at the end of the BEACONING project.

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