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Facing the rising costs of utilities and the global water crisis of the last decade, authorities need to minimize the costs of water utilities. This goal can be achieved by developing, implementing and integrating several innovative tools into the water ecosystem.

NAIADESThis is the objective of the European research project NAIADES, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant no. 820985.

NAIADES introduces artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into the water ecosystem, leaving the management of this precious resource to robots.

17 partners from 10 countries, including SIMAVI, are working on this vital project to improve water management in Europe. The piloting has already started in three points in Europe: Alicante (Spain), Brăila (Romania) and Carouge (Switzerland).

SIMAVI contributes to the integration of NAIADES microservices in Romania, at the Public Utilities Company (CUP) Dunărea Brăila. The system allows utility companies to monitor, view historical data, current data, statistics, predictions and, most importantly, receive alerts when certain measured values exceed certain required minimum or maximum thresholds. Both the specialists from CUP Brăila and their counterparts from Alicante say that the results of the water consumption prediction are promising.

In Brăila, there are two ongoing use cases: monitoring water consumption and detecting water leaks and leaks. SIMAVI provides CUP with hardware and software support to:

  • collect all measurements from the water distribution network (pressure sensors, noise sensors, flow sensors);
  • modeling them and sending them to the cloud to AI services, in order to generate highly accurate predictions. Thus, the specialists from CUP Dunărea Brăila can collect and analyze, in a unitary way, in a single platform, all the information collected from the sensor system in the water network, historical information, real-time measurements, as well as statistics and predictions created based on historical measurements.
  • reducing water leakage into the network, providing support for the integration of hydraulic models in combination with in situ and AI measurements.

At the same time, SIMAVI provides weather data for the city of Brăila, to help calculate water consumption in certain sectors.

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