TeamAware first responders

The Romanian integrator Software Imagination & Vision (SIMAVI) is coordinating a new European project, TeamAware. It is our 34th active Research & Innovation project carried out in partnership with the best universities, research centres and companies across Europe.

But TeamAware is especially important because it challenges us to offer the best technology available for real-life heroes: the first responders in emergency situations, accidents and natural disasters.

The project will enhance crisis management, the flexibility and reaction capability of first responders from different sectors, by using highly standardised augmented reality and mobile human machine interfaces.

The aim of this innovative project is to develop an integrated and cost-efficient situational awareness system for first responders with heterogeneous sensor units (including drone mounted!), wearable and external sensor systems.

First responders are the groups of people, services and organisations with specialised skills and qualifications, whose duty is to arrive first to the emergency zone, rescue operations, and perform crisis management in natural or human-made disasters. These real-life heroes are the firefighters, the emergency medical services, and the law enforcement agencies. In Romania, SIMAVI teams up with Serviciul de Paza si Protectie to develop the best use cases for the project.

Depending on the impact and effect of the disaster, the sectors react to the emergency event individually as well as together. Their duty is hard and critical since lives and valuable assets are in the focus of their operations, under high level of stress and uncertainty. For instance, the first responders were the first victims infected by the previously unknown SARS virus, when they cared for patients infected by the virus. That is why the first responders need to be protected, connected, and fully aware of the emergency event so that they can efficiently and effectively save and rescue lives without exposing their lives or the operation to risks.

Although first responders provide secure and safe societies by protecting the communities, responding to the disasters and rescuing lives, they often use inefficient, weak and obsolete technologies in the operations. With respect to the current situation, the operational capabilities of the first responders can be dramatically boosted by the advances in technology and engineering fields such as smart sensor systems, wearables, data processing, data fusion, data analytics, communication infrastructure, and artificial intelligence tools.

According to the gap-analysis in “The International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation” (IFAFRI), there are four topics which arise namely:

  • Real-time localisation and real-time monitoring of first responders team members
  • Detection of surrounding threats and risks
  • Fusion of information from several types of sources
  • Presentation of fused information via user-friendly displays

 The kick-off for the project took place on the 5th and 6th of May. The project itself will have a duration of 36 months.

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TeamAware is funded by the EU under Horizon 2020 Program, under Grant Number 101019808 and it comprises of an international consortium featuring 24 partners in the fields of academia, industry and end-users, from 13 countries.

The coordinator of the project is Software Imagination & Vision (SIMAVI) from Romania, and the technical coordinator is Havelsan Hava Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS from Turkey.