eLearning courses by SIMAVI for JRC


Learning brings progress. For us, at SIMAVI, to create the architectural design and then develop an eLearning course that will help build future specialists in any domain is a privilege, but to do this for JRC is a true accomplishment. And we are proud of it!

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the EC's science and knowledge service which employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy.

They create knowledge, manage knowledge, and make sense of knowledge, develop innovative tools, and make them available to policy makers.

In order to help scientists make sense of their research and why it matters, they have to have a better understanding of the way politics and policymaking work and how the views of citizens influence both politics and policymaking.  Further on, they could work together to create new knowledge and strive to solve society’s problems.

As scientists strongly believe in education, SIMAVI has designed, developed and implemented the e-Learning course Science for Policy Making: Maximising Your Impactfor the JRC’s scientists.

The e-Learning course was designed to increase awareness about the necessary skills that scientists need in relation to evidence-informed policymaking (EIPM). The course also enhances scientists’ understanding of the policymaking world and presents them with essential practical information in order to prepare research that is relevant to their audiences.  At the end of the course, scientists gain increased confidence and motivation to interact with policymakers, with lasting effects.

The course created by the experienced team from SIMAVI focuses on the delivery of key concepts and knowledge to the target audience in a format that makes it easy to grasp abstract information. So SIMAVI used animated videos, interviews and mini-documentaries. Theoretical information was mapped on a real-case scenario, enabling the development of practical awareness for a better transfer in the professional activities of the target audience.

The instructional role of the course is to enable better policy for citizens through improved use of evidence in policymaking by equipping the scientists to engage effectively with policymakers.

A complete online course on nuclear decommissioning for STEM students

Another course designed and developed for JRC by SIMAVI was on the hot topic of nuclear decommissioning.

The Nuclear Decommissioning online course is designed to support a broader action of raising interest of young generations in nuclear decommissioning, but also support professionals intending to refocus their career in nuclear decommissioning. The main target audience is represented by students from STEM faculties who have completed at least the first three years of university bachelor studies.

The main goal of this online course is to provide the target audience with the basics of nuclear decommissioning – the process and the benefits for the society and the environment. Moreover, to support the broader goal of raising interest of young generations in nuclear decommissioning, this course highlights key elements of a career in this sector (e.g. challenging and secure job, mobility opportunities).

An Interactive Guide enables instant access to all information presented in the course that can be used in summer school activities.

Both course are available online and accessible by representatives of the European Commission.