Palatul Parlamentului foto Mihai Petre


These days, leading stakeholders from industry, operators, agencies and governments are meeting in Bucharest to collaborate on securing European Critical Infrastructure. SIMAVI representatives are among these stakeholders, presenting results and implementation of two major European R&D projects, BorderUAS and Energy Shield.

Between the 14th and 16th of June, the event Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe 2022 is being held at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

Day 3 is being dedicated to an Overview of European Horizon Europe Programmes. It brings a deeper look at the current range of Horizon Europe Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience projects and research programmes across Europe that are designed to enhance understandings for adapting policies and adopting best practices.

The moderator of the event is the European Commission. Three projects in which SIMAVI takes part – in some as technical leader – are being presented at the Parliament Palace: EnergyShield, BorderUAS and CyberSeas.

For the first two projects, the speakers are members of the SIMAVI teams: Monica Florea, Head of Unit European Projects @ SIMAVI, and Adrian Bradu, Project Manager for BorderUAs. For CyberSeas, the speaker will be Mr. Mihai Mladin, Head of Research Projects Romanian Energy Center.

The security of external European borders will be enhanced with beyond state of the art technology with BorderUAS

BorderUAS is a new H2020 research and innovation project on technologies which enhance border and external security. The project is funded by the European Commission, under grant agreement no 883272.

BorderUAS will combine for the first time a lighter-than-air unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with sophisticated ultra-high resolution multi-sensor surveillance technology. The new solution will facilitate e­ffective border surveillance and prevent cross-border criminal activities by supporting search & rescue applications, specifically rough terrain detection.

The BorderUAS solution considers three major illegal migratory routes into Europe (Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Balkan and Eastern Borders Routes). These routes represent 58% of all illegal border crossings detected and are also the most used for smuggling of drugs, weapons and stolen vehicles.

SIMAVI is responsible for BorderUAS system’s architecture.

EnergyShield addresses the vulnerability at cyber attacks of energy transport infrastructures

EnergyShield aims to develop a toolkit to ensure the protection of critical energy infrastructure. This project covers the whole spectrum of energy infrastructure: producer, consumer, and distributor. This toolkit combines innovative cybersecurity tools that will be adapted and configured for use in critical infrastructure: vulnerability detection (attack modeling application), monitoring and protection (anomaly detection and DDoS applications), and an SIEM system.

Monitoring and protection tools focus on enabling a rapid response to the attack, gradually automating security information and the management of such events.

The development of a common virtual environment (toolkit) for the presentation and operation of applications that provide protection against different attack vectors is in line with the increase in recent years of cyber security requirements in the energy sector. This complex set of tools is being tested in Bulgaria and Italy, and the test scenarios include attacks on information technology and specific operational technology.

In this project, SIMAVI is coordinator, technical leader and responsible for the development of the integrated toolkit to defend EPES against cyber attacks.

Photo: Parliament Palace, by Mihai Petre