Clinical disorders of the human brain network, such as Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease, are among the most difficult to deal with health problems, from a therapeutic point of view. Therefore, understanding the connectivity of brain networks has long been a central goal of neuroscience and has recently catalyzed an unprecedented series of large-scale initiatives and collaborative projects, such as BRAIN Initiative (USA), Brain/MINDS Project (Japonia), Australian Brain Alliance (Australia) and China Brain Project (China).

The European research and development project MES-CoBraD aims to do just that: improve diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcomes in people with complex brain disorders: neurocognitive disorders (dementia), sleep disorders, seizures (epilepsy). To this end, 14 research institutes in Europe, but also private companies (including SIMAVI) collect data from several clinical and consumer sources, through comprehensive, cost-effective and fast protocols.

The European research and innovation project brings together internationally recognized experts in medicine, engineering, computer science, social health, law, marketing and communication. This powerful team of specialists combines clinical information and scientific research into complex brain disorders with technical innovation in secure data sharing platforms, artificial intelligence algorithms and expert systems of precision and personalized care.

The solution implemented by this new project is based on artificial intelligence and its integration into a common scientific exploitation platform. The platform will guide efforts to evaluate and validate the solution, help promote the results obtained, expand this created ecosystem and, finally, the sustainability of real life.

SIMAVI, main technology provider

The MES-CoBraD platform addresses all challenges: clinical, research and technological.

MES-CoBraD emphasizes the effort to harmonize and integrate the platform, maximizing the impact of individual researchers by creating collaborative value and Open Science practices, including secure data sharing and sharing of global expertise that would not otherwise be available within a single institution. The platform will also provide a module (MES-CoBraD Expert System) aimed at improving personalized medical approaches in daily practice.

As the main technology provider, SIMAVI will be engaged in all the project stages: analysis of users’ requirements, design, development, testing, implementation, integration, end-users training and technical assistance. SIMAVI will provide its proven expertise in integration and eHealth AI-based solution development for patient monitoring.

Our expertise is gained in years of developing systems like: EHR, platforms, integrated health systems, telemedicine solutions. Other projects: InteropEHRate, DeepHealth, SPHINX, FollowMe.


We have teamed up with the National Technical University of Athens, from Greece, with the Neurological Institute of Athens (Greece), Fundació privada Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (IR-HSCSP), VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT BRUSSEL (Belgium), UPPSALA UNIVERSITY (Sweden), Clalit Health Services- Rabin Medical Center Cognitive Neurology and Epilepsy Clinics (Israel), King’s College London (United Kingdom), HOLISTIC P.C. (Greece), STICHTING LIBER (Netherlands), Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (Italy), MICHOPOULOS I. & CH. G.P. (Greece), University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), CyberEthics Lab (Italy).

The MES-CoBraD project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 965422.

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