Wand Education - Digital Transformation 2021


"The digital platforms we are using during the pandemic allow the teacher to teach students online. But learning in these platforms  is a passive process for most students. They sit, listen and look at a screen filled with with black squares. While in class, the teacher watches each student and in just a few seconds he knows who is listening or not, or who is checking their mobile phone", said Marius Prodana, eLearning Project Manager at SIMAVI and co-founder of Wand Education, during the conference Top digital telemedicine, e-Learning, telework platforms. The second edition of the conference organized by Mobile Communication magazine took place last week, within the TECH Romania Scholarship for digital transformation.

"It's as if the teacher should teach blindfolded in front of the students. He doesn't see the students, he doesn't know what they are doing. Teaching in the classroom is a process that requires constant personalization, depending on what you see students doing, how much they understand", added Marius Prodana. "With Wand Education we can complement established eLearning platforms to avoid passive learning and disconnection between teachers and students. In this way, we will create an ecosystem of digital tools, which will address certain needs, such as the automation and simplification of some activities or the improvement of other activities."

During the virtual conference, the co-founder of the content creation platform for teachers presented an innovative model for conducting an online or hybrid lesson - ie in the classroom, but with modern, digital means, available to any teacher who has a laptop and a Internet connection. You can find out more about the Wand.education platform here.

Starting November 25th, SIMAVI will resume the free webinar to present the platform for teachers.